Welcome to Water People Tours & Camp Kapapa

Camper/Tent Site #4

Site#4 is spacious and can accommodate a tent or a small camper/RV and also includes sand for a comfortable tent camping experience. Fire pit, grill and picnic table included.

Tent Deck Site #5

This campsite is located at the Camp Kapapa campground mid-way down the campground and situated on the pristine banks of Flathead Lake. You will have access to your own parking, tent deck, picnic table and grill. Porta potties nearby. This campsite is near the property fence line. The deck is 16×16 ft.

Tent Deck Site #7

At Eagles Landing, you will find a 20’x 20′ tent deck at the beautiful shores of Flathead Lake. The property features a large private deck, a driveway, a grill, a picnic table, and porta potties nearby. There is potable water available for your convenience for cooking and cleaning. There is an incline.

Tent Deck Site #3

Site#3 is spacious and has a 16×16 tent deck with ramp. This site can also accommodate a tent or a small camper/RV. Fire pit, grill and picnic table included.