Welcome to Water People Tours & Camp Kapapa


Our eco-friendly campground sits along the shores of Flathead Lake. The land is primitive, beautiful, unique, and holds special qualities. The environment is a pure haven for wildlife and least impacted by pollution; therefore, we feel that it must be kept safe. As a result, we wanted to preserve the land by being environmentally conscious in providing an eco-friendly experience within our business.

The Land

This land, with its fascinating story dating from the beginning of time, holds very special qualities that connect us closely to surrounding areas like Glacier National Park. My husband and our four children began building organically and off-grid, ensuring their methods were minimally invasive and wouldn’t harm the land, water, or wildlife. My husband and I have always been environmentally conscious and hard-working. We hope to offer holistic alternatives to create a larger eco-friendly environment that would benefit all people, the land, and wildlife.

My husband, children, and I have worked very hard on developing this campground for a few years now. There was much work involved, and part of our development included:

  • implementing a green approach by providing the least invasive development solution for the property
  • being consciously aware and respectful of all wildlife
  • protecting ceremonial areas
  • respecting the lake
  • clearing tons of deadfall and brush 


Humanity’s Responsibility

We believe it is our responsibility to protect the waters, the land, and the environment. We hope that our guests understand the importance of being eco-conscious and how caring for the land is also caring for themselves. As a young girl, my great grandmother Adeline Mathias taught me Mother Earth is a living being. The trees are her hair, the rocks are her bones, and the water is her blood. She takes care of us, and in return, we should take care of her. Caring for the land is our sacred way here at Camp Kapapa.