Welcome to Water People Tours & Camp Kapapa

Camper/Tent Site #4

Site#4 is spacious and can accommodate a tent or a small camper/RV and also includes sand for a comfortable tent camping experience. Fire pit, grill and picnic table included.

Tent Deck Site #7

At Eagles Landing, you will find a 20’x 20′ tent deck at the beautiful shores of Flathead Lake. The property features a large private deck, a driveway, a grill, a picnic table, and porta potties nearby. There is potable water available for your convenience for cooking and cleaning. There is an incline.

Chickadee’s Cabin Site #2

In the serene setting of our campground, you can enjoy some of the cleanest air and water west of the Mississippi. All the amenities you’ll need to enjoy a woodsy getaway are included in this micro off-grid cabin. A full-size bed that sleeps two, a small loft for a child, and a kitchenette with drinking water and a coffee maker. In addition, there is a fire pit and picnic table available for outdoor activities. Pet friendly but a small cabin.